All your favorite features in the box

<p>Stay powered up for days</p>
<p>A listening experience just for you</p>
<p>Crystal clear calls</p>
<p>Designed for all-day comfort</p>

Stay powered up for days

A listening experience just for you

Crystal clear calls

Designed for all-day comfort

With up to 50 hours of battery life, you can listen to your favorite music without worrying about running out of charge. And, if your headphones battery is running low, a 3-minute quick-charge can give you 1.5 hours of listening time.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores the harmonics and liveliness lost during typical music compression, for a more authentic performance. You can even tailor music to your own taste with EQ settings on the Sony | Headphones Connect app, for a personalized listening experience.

A built-in microphone provides you with hands-free calling, and it also works just as well for joining an online class or work meeting.1

Not only is the design stylish, but it’s also crafted with ease-of-use in mind. The lightweight build and swivel earcups gently slip on and off, while the adjustable headband, cushion and soft ear pads give you all-day comfort.

Stays powered up for days

<p>Listen longer with up to 50-hour battery life</p>

Listen longer with up to 50-hour battery life

Keep your music playing all day with a battery life that delivers up to 50 hours of power.1 USB Type-C quick charging gives up to 90 mins of play back from 3 minutes of charge. Now you’ll have enough power for multi-day road trips and long festival weekends.

Enjoy all day comfort

With an adjustable headband, soft earpads and lightweight design, you can find your perfect fit and stay comfortable for longer.

<p>Enjoy all day comfort</p>
<p>Multipoint connection</p>

Multipoint connection

For total convenience, these Bluetooth® headphones can be paired with two Bluetooth® devices at the same time. So when a call comes in, your headphones know which device is ringing and connects to the right one automatically.1


Find your headphones with Fast Pair

Easy pairing with your computer

The WH-CH520 headphones support Google’s Fast Pair feature. Easily find your missing headphones by sound or check their last known location in Google’s Find My Device app on your smartphone.2,3

Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to pair your headphones with your Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop PC or tablet. Pop-up pairing guidance appears on nearby Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices when pairing mode is selected.

Keep control with easy-to-use buttons

An easy-to-use selection of buttons help control your headphones, meaning you can play, stop, or skip through your tracks and adjust the volume, all with a tap of your finger.

<p>Keep control with easy-to-use buttons</p>

Voice control

Just say “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” to activate your preferred voice assistant.4 Enjoy entertainment, connect with friends, get information, listen to music and notifications, set reminders, and more.
Listen to and interact with emails in Microsoft Outlook and join Microsoft Teams meetings using Google Assistant or Siri.4

<p>Easy hands-free calling</p>

Easy hands-free calling

Conversation flows freely with easy hands-free calling, thanks to the built-in microphone.2 No need to even take your phone from your pocket.

A listening experience just for you

<p>Your sound, just how you like it</p>

Your sound, just how you like it

Tailor sound to your personal preference by choosing from a variety of pre-sets to match sound quality with the genre of music you’re listening to. Or create and save your own pre-sets using the EQ Custom feature on the Sony│Headphones Connect app.3

Make your music more natural

When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high-frequency elements that add detail and richness to a track. Our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these to produce high-quality sound that’s closer to the original recording.

<p>Make your music more natural</p>

Feel comfortable, look great


Select the color that suits your style

With a choice of black, blue, white or beige – you can choose whichever suits you best and enjoy comfortable texture and quality.1

<p>Select the color that suits your style</p>
<p>Take your music wherever you go</p>

Take your music wherever you go

The compact, lightweight design and swivel earcups make the headphones the perfect companion for all of your travels.

Aiming to achieve a zero environmental footprint

Inspired by the beauty of the world, Sony is doing its part to help preserve the Earth, while still allowing creators to produce even more beautiful and creative imagery. With a goal of achieving a zero environmental footprint across the entire Sony Group by the year 2050, we are accelerating numerous green initiatives.

<p>Aiming to achieve a zero environmental footprint</p>




  • DSEE™ restores musicality lost in compression.
  • Fine-tune your sound using the Sony | Headphones Connect app.
  • Long-lasting listening with up to 50 hours of battery and quick charging.
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology for unrestricted movement.
  • Easy hands-free calling and voice assistant commands with microphone.
  • 1 Year Official warranty.